Educational Tuition Assistance


Posted March 22nd, 2016

The skyrocketing cost of a higher education in the United States has suprassed double the rate of inflation (or worse) for some thirty years, now.  A college education, although necessary, is no longer in line with the salaries that graduates will make. Furthermore, a collegiate education no longer guarantees an executive position and the student may face issues where he/she is paying off student debt at mininum wage .  

This is profoundly insane, and completely unacceptable.

Someone has to address this, and that is what we strive to do to fill-in that gaping chasim in our nation's education tuition assistance program.  That said, we are starting this website as an informational educational tuition assistance  resource.  However, in the course of  research we will only have so many man hours in order to find grants, scholarships  and low interest loan resources, as this is a free website, managed in our voluteers' spare free time.   That isn't a bad thing, as we are not jacking-up the prices with extra fees.  But, we still need a helpful narrative from those not-so-well known resources. 

Therefore, we encourage all parties with such educational grant, scholarship and  low-interest loan sources to contact us with the necessary details about their program.  Simply use our contact form to relay your program requirements and information.  Be sure to include any website addresses someone might need to access in order to apply, or any email addresses (not published) we should use to contact for each resource record submitted.

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