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About Eduta.com

Posted March 22, 2016

I have to admit, I have started this website for personal reasons.  

After 20 years since leaving Augustana, I only needed to complete my foreign language requirements to do so.  But I ran out of money and now my school loans are a burden I cannot get out from under.  

The goal of this website is to reduce the stress in attaining the knowledge required to survive in the United States professional, business or technical labor force. The cost of higher education has now become an extreme burden that students cannot always bear. By offering alternate methods of paying for an education, through grants, scholarships and low-interest student loans, we hope to reduce that burden by acting as a free directory to the programs we are aware of.

Perhaps by addressing the high cost of an education, our youth can complete their education and offer better employability.

This is a free directory service.  I will not sign-up for any educational service that charges money (typically, these are scams, or potentially completely fraudulent enough to steal someone's identity).  I will try to only use the free sources available.  In the even that a learning institution offers affiliates incentives for enrollees, should I have to accept any affiliation commissions to list a resource, I will use it to pay-off my own school debt first and then start a fund to pay for my son's college education. However, that is not the intent of this website, and we intend to keep it fully free as an informational resource.

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