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By using this free resource website, you hereby agree to be civil and abide by these terms and conditions of use. Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement

Posted March 22, 2016

By accessing and using this website, you hereby agree to its terms and conditions of use.  Failure to do so is a violation of this concractual agreement.  Most of these terms and conditions set forth below are simple common sense civility, and simple good "digital life" practices.

The goal of this website is to reduce the stress in attaining the knowledge required to survive in the United States professional, business or technical labor force.  The cost of higher education has now become an extreme burden that students cannot always bear.  By offering alternate methods of paying for an education, through grants, scholarships and low-interest student loans, we hope to reduce that burden by acting as a free directory to the programs we are aware of.

As a free resources directory website, we need to be able to conduct business freely, without concern of malicious intent to the site.  Thereby, we expect you not to spam us (in other words, do not send us unsolicitated emails), not to hack us, not to send us a trojan horse or virus, to leave all our public and private online web documents and server files alone, untouched, nor otherwise modified.  

We will not hack or spam you, all we ask is to be treated in kind.

You also hereby agree that our own original website information remains our own.  That although we permit you to copy any information you require from our website for your own personal use, you may not publish any of our Copyrighted content without citing us as your source.  

Additionally, the photos, graphics, images, Trademarks, Service Marks, logos, badges and/or icons found on our website are Copyright and remain the intellectual property of Eduta, without any permission to reprint, republish or otherwise reuse them in any way.  Our one exception are the photos, graphics, images, Trademarks, Service Marks and/or icons and texual information found within the resource listings of our grant, scholarship and low-interest student loan resources directory page(s).  That media and information for each listing is published with the permission of the program authority under fair use, along with the visitor feedback for each listing.  However, we do maintain the Copyright over how each contact and its details are presented on our website.  

Facebook comments and feedback are considered volunteered information and remain the property of the original poster, but become public and quotable for all.

We do not give-away, sell, rent or otherwise allow any of your personal contact information outside of our business network, and we will not use it to spam you (send you unsolicitated emails or cold-call you).  For more details on how we protect your privacy, see our Privacy Policy Statement.  

Beware of fraud.  Note that the administrators of grants, scholarships and low-interest school loans do not cold-call you or send you emails.  Nor does the IRS contact taxpayers through cold-calling or email.  Do not release personal or private data to any party that you have not verified to be exactly whom they say they are.  Use your head, if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

We can not be held responsible for incorrect or fraudulant information.  We will do our due diligence to vet and verify each authority, but never consider our directory a stamp of approval.

We are not responsible for publicly posted leads or feedback.  We try to only list reputable sources of grants, scholarships and low-interest school loans. We do try to vet and verify the programs, contact details, requirements and application information for each program we list. But, we cannot apply and go through the process for every source, ourselves. However, we do offer Facebook feedback about each and every program listed on its details page.  We hope this feedback feature will allow us to pin-point the best resources available, and will delete any that prove eroneous.

You also hereby agree to comply with our Privacy Policy Statement.

If you have any queries, concerns or issues with any of the language in this plain-English contractual agreement, you may voice your opinion and we will consider your view.  Simply contact us by any method you should so choose. 

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