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This business directory lists my other websites, and those of which that I heartily recommend.  No website is listed here unless I believe in it and its potential to help people in some endeavour (not even my own).

Technology Sites

Symbiotic Technologies covers website technologies through a variety of offerings.


Domain Perfection is the place to go to figure out how to get that perfect domain name.

Design Studios

Salamander Design offers 'mobile-first' responsive website design that looks great on all devices, every different platform and most every major browser brand.

Doug Peters is my name, and the website is for my portfolio (which always needs an update with new info as I am constantly creating new logos complete with websites to add to it).

DIY Web Design

Web Design Group

WDaDg stands for the Web Design and Development group.  This is a rag-tag band of freelance web designers and small studios looking to share information and promote best practices in HTML, CSS and other logic coding standards, looking for the best solutions in their approach to web design that leads to well optimized websites. This group also has a presence in Google Groups, Google+ Communities, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

My Blogs


The Dave Clark 5 led the British Rock 'n' Roll invasion in the 1960's.

Cleaver Movie peices together the concept of the fictional movie that Christopher envisioned, wrote and produced in the Sopranos crime family television series from HBO.

Dark Shades offers some hilarious takes on sun spectacles.


Storm Football offers information about the IFL (Indoor Football League) championship team, the Sioux Falls Storm.  A fan site.

MMA Combatants offers a little insight on a few of the top MMA fighters of today and yesterday.


Full Race Trim offers motorsports video clips.

Automotive Salvage Yards offers a directory of the best automotive salvage yards in each state of the U.S.


Firestorm.US offers basic, easy-to-understand important-to-know fire safety information.


CCFix offers information on addressing today's growing credit card debt crisis and how to avoid troubles yourself.


Expired Coupon allows you to check-out when your coupon really expires at a certain nationwide retail chain (Kohl's).


Singles Dating Match is a good place for singles to meet.


Super Elegance is a stunning gallery of monochromatic photographic shots of beautiful women.

Top Hot Girls is merely a fan's expression of the beauty he finds within all women. 

Other Resource Directories

Hyperlink.Directory is a premium business directory of reputable websites that do not show adwords and related scraper advertising just to make a buck.

Font-Journal is a cataloged directory of freeware and shareware TrueType PC font archives.  Font-Journal especially looks to collect fonts (and web fonts) that are acceptable for commercial use so that they can be used in logos and commercial graphics, possibly even as web fonts on a site.