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By using this free resource website, you hereby agree to be civil and agree to the terms set forth in this privacy policy. Privacy Policy Statement

Posted March 22, 2016

By accessing and using this website, you hereby agree to its terms and conditions of use.  one of those terms is that you agree to the following Privacy Policy:

We use web server logs and third-party cookies to collect statistical data, to personalize the site for you, to provide extra features, and to improve the performance and usability of this website.

You may turn the support for cookies off in your browser.  However, we do not recommend doing so, as we will require cookie support as we add features to the website.  By allowing us to use cookies, we can provide a richer and more prersonalized user experience for you on this website.

We do not spam anyone.  Your private information is safe with us.  It is kept within our own business network and is not used or leveraged in any way against you.  Additionally, we do not give away, rent, lease or sell your personal private contact information, including email addresses, to anyone or anything.  You also hereby agree not to spam us in return.

Contact information and personal or business information given in confidence does not leave our business network except in the case of equipment repair or forensic data recovery.  We try to maintain a reasonable backup schedule to ensure that data is not unnecessarily lost, but Murphy's Law often strikes at the most inopportune times.  Nevertheless, in such a case of equipment repair or forensic data recovery, we only use proven, trusted, reliable and certified vendors so that our business information remains safe.

Any data storage systems that leave our business network are formatted and then completely written with zero's to wipe our business data clean and protect our client data.

Although we do our very best to keep your personal and business contacts and information confidential, we have to abide by the law.  Upon the presentation and verification of credentials of a proper and lawful authority within the correct provisional and locality jurisdiction, and using the proper and authenticated documentation of writ, lawful subpeona, or lawful order requiring full disclosure of any specific member's, or client's, contact information, or their personal or business information, we will have to disclose what we have.  

You also agree that we have the right to edit, correct, modify or even delete a member or client's private contact data, as well as their personal and/or business information, at any time, in whole or in part, without any advance warning what-so-ever. 

For more information on what you agree to, we offer our Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement.  

Should you have any issues, concerns or queries regarding any of our plain-English language documents on this site, including this Privacy Policy, be sure to get ahold of us as soon as possible so that we can discuss it and review our options.

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